Common Misconceptions in Communities

Common Misconceptions in Communities
It is quite normal to hear the story of a person compare their community fee levels between
their property in Madrid, Munich, London or Stockholm and their newly acquired property on
the Costa del Sol. They would like the other owners to believe that lower costs are better simply
because low community fees are cheaper than high community fees. In other words, the

Guidelines to be observed during Meetings

1. General:
In order that meetings achieve objectives with the adoption of formalities of
resolutions required annually, the following guidelines should be adhered to. The aim
is to avoid any unnecessarily lengthy personal and emotional issues outside of the
characteristics of the formalities of agreement as established by current legislations

Change of Administration

Change of Administration
This is a summary of the reasons, real or not, of why a Community of Owners might choose
to change their administrator/administration company.
The issues can be multiple and varied and can include both objective and subjective reasoning.
Invariably, however, the rationale can sometimes be purely political bias without substantiated

The role of the President

The role of the President
Basically speaking, the only community officer required by law is the president and the
· The election procedure: The role of the president is mandatory. The president must
be elected by the members of a community and under Article 13 must be a member of